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Japan United Metal Promotion is your one-stop source for the untapped Japan Metal market. 


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Last update: 1st May 2024




Male, female, male and female


A project started by Japanese promoter UPP-tone to help Japanese Metal bands get more exposure internationally.

You manage all these bands?
No. We are acting as a conduit between Japan and the rest of the world. We will send recommended bands to you and if you are interested, help you and the band's representative to negotiate deals for either releases, licensing, publishing or gigs.


So how can you help us?

UPP-tone have bi-lingual staff that have had decades of experience in the music business internationally and understand both markets. We are your missing link between Japan and the 1,038 Metal bands in Japan. Yes, really.

Can we go to the bands directly?
If you wish, yes but the reason that we have set this up (and you have probably already had experience of this) is that the Japanese way of doing things in the music business and the rest of the world are poles apart and that's without factoring in the language barrier.

Feel free to email us to ask more questions but in the meantime, have a look at our first twelve clients, a small sample of what Japan has to offer. 

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