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Ghost Cries



2015 Melum Primus (A)

2017 Deorum Festum (A)

2021 A Purgatorium (A)


ANY (Vocals)
MITCHY (Guitar)
YOU (Guitar)
YUTA (Bass)
MANABU (Drums)
ELLY (Keyboards)


From: Tokyo

Genre: Symphonic/Black/Death


A Metal frenzy of instrumental overload with the drama of opera

The Symphonic/Black/Death label doesn't do justice to the music created by Ghost Cries as the adjectives haunting, manic and frantic need to be also included. This male/female six-piece have an outrageous amount of combined talent that will have you scratching your brain and wondering how they could possibly hold it all together and then seconds later chill you to the bone with a scintillating vocal before plunging you down the rabbit hole of structured chaos again.

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