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伊藤 (Vocals/Guitar)
KONO (Guitar)
YUKI (Drums)

玉砕石井 (Bass)


From: Tokyo

Genre: Heavy Metal


2017 Tokyo Metal Fire  (A)
2017 Far Britannia (S)
2018 Cry for the Steel (EP)

2019 Arise form the Ashes (EP)

2021 Rock Fantasy (S)

2022 Rise or Fall (A)


Have a defibrillator standing by!

In 2022, RisingFall's long-standing guitarist, Yoshiki, passed away after a chronic illness but with his blessing, they are carrying on. They play a faster  - much faster actually - version of traditional Heavy Metal with an emphasis on melodies and riffs, the latest album being the fastest of the lot. It is a fitting tribute to Yoshiki and shows that this band still have much to offer. Warning! You may need a neck brace...

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